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John Fairfield Descendants Database

Database updated January 2019. Copyright 2019. No reprint or posting elsewhere without written permission.

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Only 9 generations of descendants are published to protect the privacy of the living. Contact me by email to see if I have data for later generations on file.

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First-time visitors, please take a moment to learn a little more about the data:

The first five generations of the database are based on the research of Wynn Cowan Fairfield, with updates and corrections added as available. Be sure to visit the records and photos pages to see if there are corroborating items to support the data. Otherwise, you need to compare this data with other, primary sources in order to determine its accuracy. Please do not republish the info without noting its dubious veracity until proven -- this database is a STARTING point, not the end of your research.

Some lines have no current researcher and are thus undeveloped to the present generations. If you would like to add properly researched information or corrections and/or additions for your line, contact me.

As for the progenitors themselves, very little is known about the origins of either John or Elizabeth, despite what is purported on many online and print records. The supposition that Elizabeth's maiden name was Knight and that she is the daughter of Dorchester Company adventurer Walter Knight is unsubstantiated. Recent research in Essex County, England, has provided few clues. A December 21, 1631, baptismal record for a Walter Fairfield in Copford Parish, Essex County, England, provides the likeliest link to the past. If you have evidence of any proven connection between John or Elizabeth and any other ancestors, please contact me so we can publish the results here.