ID: Ann Morton (Tate) Fairfield (Gen. 8)

Source: Ted Fairfield collection

Notes: Ann was married to David Fairfield. She was born in New York City September 2, 1832, and moved to Illinois with her parents, Robert N. and Ann (Hunniford) McDonnell Tate, and siblings in 1839. In 1862, Ann traveled by ship to California, where she joined her half-siblings William McDonnell and Barbara (McDonnell) Keyes in northern Napa Valley. There she met and married David Fairfield in 1864. She and David moved to Hayden's Hill (Lassen Co.) for a chapter, returning to Napa Valley, and then to San Francisco in 1886. After David's death in 1897, Ann lived with her daughter Emily (Fairfield) Duncan in San Jose, where Ann died January 31, 1912.

large photo of Ann (Tate) Fairfield as an adult