ID: Genevieve Genevra Fairfield (Gen. 8: John-Walter-Walter-Stephen-Thaddeus-Abner-Sumner-Genevieve)

Source: Irene and Other Tales, co-authored by Genevieve Genevra and Gertrude Fairfield (sisters), 1853.

portrait of Genevieve Genevra Fairfield

Notes: Genevieve was the beloved and talented daughter of famous American poet Sumner Lincoln Fairfield and his wife, Jane (Frazee) Fairfield. Like her father, she aspired to achieve fame as a writer and so published several stories, included in the one volume above-mentioned. One of the stories, Irene, was written by Genevieve's sister, Gertrude, who directed most of her creative ability toward painting rather than writing. Sadly, Genevieve probably inherited some of her father's emotional instability, as her mother had to have her institutionalized in the 1850s (as documented in Jane's autobiography). She appears in the 1850 census with her mother, and I have not found her again in a census until 1880, where she is a patient at St. Elizabeth Insane Asylum, age 47, in Washington, DC.