ID: Jason Williams Fairfield Jr. (Gen. 8: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Jason-Jason)

Source: Jerauld Wilgus photo collection. Used with permission.

Notes: Jason Williams Fairfield Jr. was the son of Jason Williams Fairfield and Hannah Chandler. He was born August 12, 1839, in Pomfret, CT. After being apprenticed in a foundry in Providence, RI, in the 1850s he was a forced worker there by the Confederate Army in the 1860s, but escaped. On September 5, 1865, he married Eliza Randall in CT. They had a daughter, Eliza Fairfield, on May 4, 1867, born in Providence, RI. Jason's wife, Eliza, died shortly afterward. After Eliza's death, their daughter was cared for by friends of Eliza. Jason moved to Chicago, where he worked as a salesman for Ingraham & Corbin (associated with his sister Caroline's husband, Calvin). He remained in Chicago for the next decade, but moved to Colorado Springs, CO, sometime before May 22, 1878, when he married Margaret Smith in Colorado Springs. He was employed there as the superintendent of a gold mine (according to daughter Jessie, who was born in CO March 22, 1879). By 1880, Jason's occupation in the census was "selling machinery." He and Margaret had two more children in CO: Helen (died young) and Charles. Then off to Pacific Beach near San Diego in 1887, where Jason was a patternmaker for Coronado Foundry. When the foundry closed in 1893, Jason's gold fever drew him back to the mining industry. His wife's illness temporarily drew him back to San Diego, where Margaret died in 1897. In the 1910 census, Jason was residing in Mazuma Precinct, Humboldt Co., Nevada -- age 70, "quartz miner." Jason died in 1915 in Gold Field, Nevada. He is buried in San Diego, California.

photo of Jason Williams Fairfield Jr.