ID: Leprelet M. Logee (Gen. 8: John-Walter-William-Skipper-Abraham-Prudence-Sarah-Leprelet)

Source: original image, Pawtucket Times article February 3, 1926 on occasion of 100th birthday celebration


Notes: Leprelet was the son of Caleb Logee Jr. and his wife, Sarah Paine. The only proof of parentage I found was in the February 3, 1926, Pawtucket Times article in celebration of Leprelet's 100th birthday. He was born February 5, 1826. Leprelet married Ann Tingley April 10, 1847 (at least an intention was filed on that date in Attleboro, Bristol Co., MA). Twin sons Edgar Leprelet and Edmund Tappan Logee were born to the couple July 16, 1849 in Bedford, MA (VR). Leprelet outlived his wife and sons, dying in Charlton, MA, July 25, 1931, at the amazing age of 105.

photo of Leprelet M. Logee on 100th birthday