ID: Frederic Wyett Fairfield (Gen. 11: John-Walter-Daniel-Nathaniel-Henry "Samuel"-Miciah-Miner-Frederic-Wynn-Frederic)

Source: Oberlin College Archives

Notes: Frederic was the son of Wynn and Daisie (Gehman) Fairfield. He was born February 15, 1919, in Taiku, Shansi, China, where his parents were serving as missionaries. He attended Oberlin College, where he was the editor of the Oberlin Review. Frederic graduated from Oberlin in 1940. He joined the Army shortly thereafter and received the Bronze Star in 1945 during WWII, and in 1946 the Breast Order of Yun Huei from the Chinese government. He was released from the Army in 1946 with the rank of major. On June 21, 1947, he married Virginia Elizabeth "Ginny" Heun. Later that year, Frederic entered an industrial and graphic design business partnership in New York, where he and Ginny were living. They had a son in 1949, but the couple divorced in 1952. For 21 years Frederic was the treasurer and director of Ridgedale Playhouse Inc. He died July 1986 in Murray, Kentucky.

photo of Frederic Wyett Fairfield