ID: Asa Merrill Fairfield 1910 census (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Skipper-Abraham-Abraham-Simon-Enos-Asa)

Source: Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County, California

Notes: Asa was the son of Enos and Sarah L. (Parker) Fairfield. He was born July 30, 1854, according to his own autobiographical account in his book Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County, California (1916). In that same account, he stated that his "grandmother, Phebe (Churchill) Fairfield was a descendant of Roger Williams, her mother's maiden name being Williams. Her father, Joseph Churchill, served in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, probably in the Rhode Island Line." And about his family's migration pattern he wrote that his "father, who was a machinist by trade, concluded to leave the shop and go West. In the fall of 1855, the family moved onto a farm near Rockford, Illinois. January 28, 1857, a daughter, who was named Phebe Ellen, was born to them. In the spring of 1857 the family moved to the little town of Jefferson in Bremer County, Iowa, twelve miles north of Waterloo. They lived there four years. Here the father's health failed, and in 1865 they crossed the plains with a team to Honey Lake valley [CA]. The mother's family, the Parkers, who also came to Rockford and then to Jefferson, had emigrated to this valley in 1862. the Fairfields lived with them two miles northwest of Millford during the winter of 1865-66, and the children [Asa and Phebe] attended the first public school taught in that district. In the summer of 1869 they returned to Iowa, going by the newly constructed railroad, and settled in Waverly, Bremer county. The daughter [Phebe] died at this place in August, 1871. The son [Asa] went to school in Waverly about a year and a half and in the spring of 1871 began teaching. He taught three short terms of school in Iowa. In the fall of 1873 the family came back to Honey Lake valley [CA] and in the spring of 1875 settled on a place about three fourths of a mile southeast of Janesville. The mother [Sarah] died there in 1893 and the father [Enos] died at Janesville in 1904. A.M. [Asa] Fairfield began teaching at Janesville in the spring of 1875 and followed that profession the most of the time until the summer of 1899. This teaching was done in Honey Lake valley and in five districts -- Janesville, Soldier Bridge, Richmond, Johnstonville, and Lake. During the past six year he has been engaged in collecting the material for this history and in writing it. He has lived in this county, excepting four years, ever since the fall of 1865 and most of that time has virtually known everybody in this valley besides many others living in the county. He was acquainted with the majority of the pioneers, and what he learned from them and his knowledge of the people and the conditions here in the early days has been of much use in determining the truth of many things written in the following pages."

photo of Asa Merrill Fairfield