ID: Edmund Burke Fairfield and sons (Gen. 8: John-Walter-Walter-Daniel-Nathaniel-Henry Samuel-Micaiah-Edmund)

Source: Oberlin College Archives

Notes: Edmund Burke Fairfield was a prominent politician and best known as president of Hillsdale College. See his census data and photo in Generation 8 for details. Pictured in this photo of 1895 from the Oberlin Tribune (printed on the occasion of the 1920 Reunion of the Sons and Grandsons of Edmund Burke Fairfield) are Edmund and his six sons. Front row L to R: son Charles Telford Fairfield (29)(Oberlin College alumnus and founder and publisher of the Rutland, Vermont, Evening News); son John Martin Fairfield (26)(Oberlin College alumnus and life insurance agent in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming). Middle row L to R: son Edmund Minor Fairfield (33)(Oberlin College alumnus and president of the Omaha Bee Company); Edmund Burke Fairfield (74); and son Elihu Burritt Fairfield (47). Back row L to R: son George Day Fairfield (30) (Oberlin College alumnus and manager of the Heyworth Graham Co., in Chicago); and Ernest Burton Fairfield (24) (Oberlin College alumnus and state accountant of Nebraska).