ID: Eugene Fairfield McPike (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Martha-Nannie-Eugene)

Source: McPike descendant collection. Used with permission.

Notes: Eugene was the son of Nannie (Lyon) and Henry Guest McPike (a second marriage for Henry). According to Fairfield family historian Frank Corbin, Eugene "was born in Alton, Ill., on July 18, 1870, and died in San Diego, Calif., on August 21, 1946. On September 2, 1895, he married, in Chicago, Ill., Ada Florence Denton, who was born in England on February 8, 1870, and died in Chicago November 25, 1918." Contrary to Frank Corbin's claim of no issue for the couple, there were two daughters: Elizabeth and Helen. As Frank Corbin related, "In 1932 he married, in Chicago, as his second wife, Mary Julia Dillingham. In 1938 they moved to San Diego, Calif." McPike was the author of several books, including Halley's Comet: Its Past History and 1910 Return and several genealogical books on his McPike ancestry. His books are often found for sale at