ID: Frederic Wyett Fairfield (Gen. 9: John-Walter-Daniel-Nathaniel-Henry "Samuel"-Miciah-Miner-Frederic)

Source: Oberlin College Archives. Photo 1868, John Carbutt, photographer, No. 24 Washington St., Chicago

Notes: Fred was the son of Miner Wynn and Emily (Fairchild) Fairfield. He was born in Oberlin, Ohio, December 29, 1846. Graduated from Oberlin College in 1871. Married Harriet L. Allen August 7, 1871. Ordained to the ministry of the Congregational Churches October 10, 1871. Pastorates: Rio and Wyocena, Wisc., 1871-72; Baraboo, Wisc., 1872-74; Dartford, 1874. From that date he was engaged in teaching. Professor of Greek in Howard University 1874-82; Tabor College, Iowa, 1882-91 (Received degree of D.D. from Tabor College 1891); Howard University 1891-1907; Dean of Howard University from 1902, acting president 1905-06. In 1907 he retired on the Carnegie Foundation, and made his residence in Los Angeles, "devoting his energies, until the time of his death, to religious work and the building of such organizations as the local Oberlin Alumni association, of which he was president," according to a Los Angeles Tribune article November 22, 1914. Frederic died November 6, 1914.

photo of Frederic Wyett Fairfield