ID: Jessie Fairfield (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Jason-Jason-Jessie)

Source: Jerauld Wilgus photo collection. Used with permission.

Notes: Jessie was the daughter of Jason Williams Fairfield Jr. and his second wife, Margaret Smith. She was born March 22, 1879 in Colorado Springs, CO. She appears at age 1 in the 1880 El Paso, CO, census. In 1897, she graduated from San Diego High School (California), where she was living with her parents. In 1900, her parents moved, and she went to live with her Aunt Caroline (Fairfield) Corbin (her father's sister) in Chicago. Over the years, Jessie traveled with her aunt and uncle to Europe several times. In 1910, she was a lodger (age 31) in Santa Fe, NM, where her brother, Charles, was also living. A few years later, she moved back to Chicago to care for her Aunt Caroline in the hospital at Petoskey, MI. She became a longtime employee at the Petoskey Hospital and was later employed at the Hotel Perry. Jessie retired in 1961, at age 82, and lived to celebrate her 100th birthday in 1979. She died April 19, 1980 at age 101.

photo of Jessie Fairfield