ID: William Fairfield (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Jason-David-William)

Source: Ted Fairfield photo collection. Used with permission.

Notes: William Fairfield was the son of David and Ann (Tate) Fairfield. He was born July 1, 1872 (source: Robert N. Tate diary) in Knights Valley, CA. According to his sister Emily, he contracted what appeared to be TB sometime before 1886 in Eureka, where the family was living then. Shortly after they moved to San Francisco, "he was still coughing and the confinement and close air of the factory made him worse so he was taken to a doctor who ordered him out of the city and, if possible, to a drier climate. [Sister] Mary [Fairfield] and Gilmore [Duncan] were living in Shandon then and although they had only a little two-room house they offered to take him and do the best they could for him, so he was sent down there." William died in 1887.

photo of William Henry Fairfield as a boy