ID: Jason Williams Fairfield (Gen. 7: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Jason)

Source: Jerauld Wilgus photo collection. Used with permission.

Notes: Jason was the son of David Fairfield and Hannah Thurber. He was born August 30, 1800, in Pomfret, CT, where he grew up to be a carpenter and builder. He married Hannah Dana Chandler in Pomfret December 27, 1825. They had eight children over the next two decades, of whom only four survived to adulthood: Charles C., David, Caroline, and Jason W. Jr. Jason moved his family temporarily to Williamsburg, New York, in the late 1840s. His younger brother, John, was already living there, as was his wife's Thurber relations. The children had all left the nest by 1856, when Jason and Hannah returned to Pomfret. Jason continued in his occupation as a carpenter. His wife died in 1865, leaving him a 70-year-old widower in the 1870 census, where his occupation is "farmer." Jason died June 21, 1873. He and his wife and several of his children are buried in the Pomfret Street Cemetery, CT.

photo of Jason Williams Fairfield