ID: Sumner Lincoln Fairfield (Gen. 7: John-Walter-Walter-Stephen-Thaddeus-Abner-Sumner)

Source: The Life of Sumner Lincoln Fairfield, Esq. by Jane (Frazee) Fairfield, his wife. New York, 1847. G.W.Wood, printer. Published by the author.

photo of Sumner Lincoln Fairfield, poet

Notes: Sumner was the son of Dr. Abner and Lucy (Lincoln) Fairfield. He became a prominent but emotionally tortured and troubled poet of the early 19th century. His wife, Jane (Frazee) Fairfield wrote a biography about him, as well as her own autobiography detailing the financial and emotional ups and downs of their lives. See his bio sketch and read some of his poems online (scroll down to Sumner Lincoln Fairfield, click on folder, and keep drilling down through folders of his works to specific chapters and poems)