ID: William Fairfield House (aka Thomas Killam House), 26 Maple Street, Wenham, MA

Source: photo by late Wenham historian Rupert Lillie on a work-for-hire basis, 1982.

Notes: William Fairfield (Gen. 3) was the son of Walter and Sarah (Skipper) Fairfield. Rupert Lillie's history of this house , also accessible from the deeds page, has extensive notes of interest.


thumbnail photo of house exterior

Westerly exterior view showing additions circa 1742. Lean-to obscured by modern extension to the west, circa 1771.

thumbnail photo of original front entry

Original front entry. The closed door leads to the SW front room, now the dining room.

thumbnail photo of original kitchen

SE front room, original kitchen 1695/6, in the one-room plan, original house. Now the living room.

thumbnail photo of old rafters

The long rafters are those of c. 1771. The shoring rafter is in the place of the early rafter.

thumbnail photo of SW chamber

SW chamber added about 1704, according to Rupert Lillie