ID: Colonel John Calvin Coolidge 1880 census (Gen. 11: John-Walter-William-Abigail-Esther-Adam-Adam-Israel-Sarah/Sally-Sarah/Sally-John)

Source: Original image, Plymouth, Windsor County, Vermont


Coolidge, John, 35, no occupation listed, bp VT, parents bp VT

Coolidge, Victoria, 34, keeping house, bp VT, parents bp VT

Coolidge, J. Calvin, 7, bp VT, parents bp VT [30th president of the United States]

Coolidge, Abbie G., 3, bp VT, parents bp VT


John was the son of Calvin G. and Sarah "Sally" A. (Brewer) Coolidge. He was born March 31, 1845, according to his tombstone inscription at Plymouth Notch Cemetery in Vermont. John married Victoria J. Moor on May 6, 1868 (Ancestors of American Presidents). They had two children, John Calvin Coolidge Jr. (he later went by only his middle name) and Abigail Grace Coolidge. John operated a country store in Plymouth, Vermont, around the time of the 1870 census. From 1872 to 1878, he was a member of the House of Representatives, followed by election to senator in 1910 and many other public offices and duties. Victoria died March 14, 1885 (tombstone inscription at Plymouth Notch Cemetery), leaving John a widower with two children to raise -- though Abigail, too, died March 6, 1890, about five years after her mother's death. In 1891, John married second wife Carrie Athelia Brown (VT Historical Society), who became a stepmother to then-grown son Calvin. John died March 18, 1926 (tombstone inscription/Plymouth Notch), just a few years after his son became president of the United States of America. Read more and more about John and the Coolidge family.

photocopy of Colonel John Calvin Coolidge 1880 census in Plymouth, Vermont