ID: Will and inventory of John Fairfield

Sources: Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex [Co., MA], edited by George Francis Dow, Vol. 1, pp. 116-117; Court held at Salem, 6: 5: 1647: Will of John Fairfield proved by Mr. Jno. Fisk, Wm. Fisk and Robt. Hawes. Will dated 11: 10: 1646.

Transcription: (by Wynn Cowan Fairfield, who expalined "the document was folded twice and portions of the paper along the folds are missing ... transcription is taken line for line from the photostat of the will reproduced herewith. It has been compared carefully with the transcriptions in the Essex County Massachusetts Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts, Volume 1, 1635-56; but is more complete than that transcription."

To god be the prayse, I John ffayref[eild] being in perfect mimory though weake in Boddy doe make this my last will and Testam[ent in] manner and forme as followeth, ffirst I commit my soul into the hands of my faythful [Re]deemer, through a liuely hope that when this frayle body of mine shall be laid in the dust [I shal]ll be preserved safe through his merrits and worthyness alone unto the great day of the resurre[ction] at what time my soule and Boddy being reunited togither by the power of his grace and th[e] [eff]icacy of that his Alsufficyent mediation, I shall be glorifyed togither with him in his eternell [kin]gdome: And as touchinge the outwarde goods of this life which God of his goodness haue give[n] me my Will and Pleasure is that they be dispposed in such sort as here followeth:

Imprimis I doe Give and Beque[ath] [unto] Elizabeth my beloued wife my pte of house and ground which I have in Coptnershipe with Joseph [Bat]chelder to her and to her Heires forever. Item: I doe giue unto my wife all my moueables within dores and without as namely my Cowes Cattle Swine Corne Housall Implyments and utensels Bed bedinge Linine Woolinge Brass Peuter mony Debts and whatsoever is mine eyther in Possesion or accruinge or belonginge to me for her the said Elizabeth to have and injoy the same as her owne fee Simple to disposs of at her pleasure without Interruption or molestation from any other, and also my will is that my said wife shall have the use and occupation of the house I now live in and the ground Appertayninge thereunto and of my fearme had from Salem; untill such time as Benjamen my yongest sonne shall Come to twenty yeeres of Age; and then my minde and will is that this house and Land and my moveable Goods, then remaining, shall all be equally in the proportion devided, betwine my wife, and three Children, soe many of them as shall then survive. And further this is my w[ill] that my wife shall see the bringinge up of my Children Christian Like and Honestly and alsoe the due disposall of them unto such honest occupations or lawefull Callings or C[on]ditions of life as she in her wisedome with the adv[ice] of the Supvisors [of this my will shall esteem most meete, this her said] care of them to extend towards my said Children untill my yongest son Benjamine Comes ot twenty yeeres of Age; And Likewise my will and pleasure is my sonne Walter shall rest himself satisyed with what I heere have done as concerninge him and take it as my minde and advice that he would approve himselfe dutifull unto his Mother upon whose Curtisy he shall depend for ought elce he might expect: Alsoe my minde is my said wife shall make no estripp or wast of Timber fensings, and shall keepe my said houses in good and sufficient Reperrations and my ground sutably fenced and inclosed accordinge as she finds the same duringe the said space of Tearme, and in Cause she shall dispose her selfe in marryage that then she shall before the solemninginge of the same enter into sufficyent bond and security for the fulfullinge of this my will unto the Supvisors, further my minde and will is that my gunes and swordes: my Chrildene shall have the use of them as need requre. Item: I give unto Mathew Edwards my Cossen Twenty Acres of upland lyinge within my fearme had from Salem wth two acres of meddow to be laid out mos indifferently by my supvisors to injoy it at one and twenty yeeres of Age. Item. I Constitute And ordayne Elizabeht my wife sole Executrix And my Lovinge and well approved friends Mr. Henery Bartholomew of Salem and Robertt Hawes of Salem these two Supvisars to this my last will and Testament.”

John (his mark) Fairefild.

Wit: Jo. Fiske, William Fiske, Robert Hawes.

Inventory of estate of John Fairfield of Wenham taken 23: 10: 1646, and sworn to by widow Elizabeth Fairfield, 7: 5: 1647.



One dwellinge house 7li. 10s.
seventie five Acres of upland and seven acres of meddow 21li. 16s
A fearme of Eightie Acres of upland and eight acres of meddow 6li
a Joynte purchase with Joseph Bachelder, containing fortie eight Acres of upland and three Acres of meddow & a dwellingehouse and a Cowhouse & Corne sowed upon it 10li
wheat unthrashed 1li
Rye unthrashed 1li
Indian corne 8li, 15s
five loads of hay 2li, 10s
three cowes 13li, 10s
three yeereling Calves 4li, 16s
one suckinge calfe 8s
one fatt Hogge 2li, 10s
one sow 1li, 15s
one barrow hogge 1li, 8s
two shotts 1li, 4s
three piggs 1li, 4s
one fether bed & bolster & five fether pillowes 3li
under bed, one greene rugg and one blanket 1li, 12s, 6d
one feather bed, one feather boulster and one flock boulster 2li, 5s
two coverlits, one pillow and two under Blankets 16s, 6d
Greene lineye wollsie curtaynes and a Darinck* Vallience 1li [*"a name formerly given to goods manufactured at Tournay, Belgium, used for curtains, hangings, and carpets" -- Alice Fairfield Moody]
one Bedstead and cord 5s, 6d
fowre payre of old sheets 1li, 4s
two sheets and a halfe of fince flax 1li, 8s
fowre pillow beeres 8s
two diaper boord clothes and one little playne boord clothes 10s
two diaper napkings and three playne napkings 4s
tow hand towells and one old boord cloth 4s
one great brass Kettle 18s
one middle brass kittle 12s
one lesser brass kittle 7s
one brass baking pan with a cover to it, 7s, three brass skillets and a brass scommer 5s
one small iron pott 2s
five peuter dishes 9s
two fruitt dishes and two sawcers 3s, 6d
fowre peuter porringers 2s, 4d
one pinte pott of peuter 2s
one double salt of pewter 1s, 6d
one peuter Candlestick 1s, 8d
six pewter spoones 6d
a chanber pott of pewter 2s
two chests 10s
three boxes 3s
one cubbortt 5s, 6d
two payles 2s
one beere barrell 5s
one spitt 2s
a payre of andyrons 3s
a gridiron 1s, 6d
a frying pan 1s
a payre of tongs and frye shovell 1s, 6d
a warming pan 2s, 6d
a muskett with a fyre lock 14s
an old Fowlinge peece 14s
a pistoll dagg 5s
a sword and bandelears 8s
a beetle and fowre wedges 4s
two old axes 3s
a croscutt saw 8s
a hand saw and two old shovels and payre of pinsons 4s
twenty-three harrow tines 4s, 9d
three hanginge locks 2s
an iron foot 1s
two payre of hookes & eyes for a gatte 2s
a browne bill 2s
an iron spade 4s, two payre of hookes and eyes for gatto, 2s
twenty pounds of leadinge weights 5s
old iron 5s
three sickles 2s
a Bible with Boses [Boza's] notes 10s
a smoothing iron 2s
a black stuff sute 1li
an old jerkin and bretches of silke russett cloth 12s
an old full coate and whood 1li
an old Black hatt s2
a payre of boots 1s, 6d
a wicker fan 4s
a halfe bushell and a halfe peck measure 2s, 6d
two old hoggsheads 4s
a barrell with a cover 3s
hempe 5s
two bags 2s
fowre trayes 3s
a trundle bed 5s
a broad box 6d
a wheele barrow 1s, 6d
fower old howes and an old garden rake 3s
a pitch forke and a dung forke 2s
a woolinge wheele and a linninge wheele 6s, 8d
a brason morter and a pestell 3s
eighteen pound of drest hempe 12s
three old chayres 3s
two pott racks and a payre of bellowes 5s
a lether sack and an yron peele and some other old iron 3s
a mattocke 2s, 6d

Sum 113li, 3s, 7d

On a separate piece of paper:
2 cowes 9li
3 steers and heighfers of 2 years old 7li, 10s
1 calfe under one yeare 10s
1 hogge 2li
a sowe and a smale pigge 1li, 4s
a bushelle of Indian Corne, 3 bushells of wheate;

Totall 20li, 4s

Account for the keeping of the two Children, the one 2 years & 5 months & the other 2 yeare 10li the rent of the Farme & stock, per yeare 8li; the wife’s pte 4li 1 child 5months 1li. the estate being devided into 4 pts is to each 9li, 12s, 10d.**

**According to Wynn Cowan Fairfield, "this account would appear to be that of Peter Palfrey in settlement of his wife's (Elizabeth Knight [?] Fairfield Palfrey) estate on her death. If so, it would set the date of her death roughly two years and five months after her marriage to Peter Palfrey. On July 7, 1647, she still swore to inventory as 'Elizabeth Fairfield.' By December 1649, according to Matthew Edwards [presumed nephew], she was dead. This would look as if Walter (about 14 in 1646) stayed with his mother only five months; John (about 5 in 1646) stayed with her only two years; and Benjamin, six months old when his father died, stayed with her the full two years and five months until her death."