ID: William Fairfield (Gen. 3) Salem witch trial jury selection, 1692


Superior Court of Judicature Warrants for Jurors and Returns
Warrant to Wenham

These are in Theire Maj’ties names to require you forthwith to Asemble the freeholders and other inhabitants of your towne who are hereby also required to choose foure good and lawfull men of the Same Towne each whereof to have a reall Estate of fourty Shillings p annum or a personall Estate of fifty pounds to Serve as Jurors two upon the Grand Jury & two upon the Jury of Tryalls at a court of assises and General Goal Delivery to be held at Salem for the County of Essex on Tuesday the third day of January next Ens [torn] the date hearof which persons so Chosen you are to summon [torn] attend the said Court by nine of the Clock in the morning of the [torn]day and make returne hereof with the names of the said ______ the day before the said court and hereof not to fail. Dated Boston the twenty-third day of December 1692.
To the Constable or Constables of Wenham or either of them.
Jona Elatson Cler.

At a meeting of the inhabitants of Wenham this 30th of December 1692, Richard Hutten and Samuel Kimball ware chosen to sarve upon grand jurye and James Freind and John Abbye on the jurye of tryalls as witness my hand
William Faierfeild
Constable of Wenham

Source: Richard Bucknum collection. Used with permission.

Repository: Mass. Archives, Vol. 135, No. 96


photo of original 1692 handwritten jury selection document