Several descendants of John Fairfield of Wenham, MA, were published authors

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1. Caroline E. (Fairfield) Corbin (Gen. 8: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Jason-Caroline)

Titles: Belle and the Boys (1879); His Marriage Vow (1873); Rebecca, Or A Woman's Secret (1868); Uncle Timothy, Or Our Bible Class (1868), and A Woman's Philosophy of Love. She also wrote (and presented in public speeches) numerous articles on the topic of antisuffragette, for which she was an outspoken leader in Chicago: Equality, Socialism and Sex, The Antisuffragette Movement, Woman's Best Work, Woman's Moral Duty in the Home. For an article discussing the suffragette and antisuffragette movement (in which Caroline is mentioned as a leader), click here.

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) title page of Belle and the Boys by Caroline Fairfield CorbinIllustration from Belle and the Boys by Caroline Fairfield Corbin

2. John Rich Corbin (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Jason-Caroline-John)

Titles: The Unknown Washington (1929); School Boy Life in England (1897); The Return of the Middle Class (1922); Husband and The Forbidden Guests: Two Plays (1910); The Elizabethan Hamlet (1895); Two Frontiers of Freedom (1940); An American at Oxford (1902).

Read more about John in the 1930 census bio sketch . His papers are kept at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

3. Sumner Lincoln Fairfield (Gen. 7: John-Walter-Walter-Stephen-Thaddeus-Abner-Sumner)

Titles: Mina, A Dramatic Sketch, With Other Poems (1825); The Poems and Prose Writings of Sumner Lincoln Fairfield (1841); The Poetical Works of Sumner Lincoln Fairfield (1842); The Last Night of Pompeii: A Poem (1832); Cities of the Plains, With Other Poems (1828).

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4. Asa Merrill Fairfield (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Skipper-Abraham-Abraham-Simon-Enos-Asa)

Title: Fairfield's Pioneer History of Lassen County, California

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5. Eugene Fairfield McPike (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Skipper-William-David-Martha-Nancy-Eugene)

Titles: Genealogical Notes on the Pike and Pyke Families; The Direct Ancestry of Elizabeth and Helen McPike of Chicago, Illinois; McPike Family Notes; Halley's Comet: Its Past History and 1910 Return; Genealogical Memoranda Pertaining Chiefly to the Families of Brabb(s), Dueton, DuMont, Guest, Halley, Lyon, McPike, Wilkinson.

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