ID: David Fairfield (Gen. 8) newspaper articles about Hayden Hill

Source: Lassen Advocate newspaper of Susanville, Lassen Co., CA


31 August 1878 - "Narrow Escape." David Fairfield of Hayden Hill, formerly of Knights Valley, Sonoma County, was coming here with his wife and two children and when going down hill towards Eagle Lake on Monday met with an accident which was a narrow escape for all concerned. In advance of his wagon was another, containing L.H. Hopkins and several other gentlemen, and as they looked back they saw the off forward wheel of his wagon was coming off and threw up their hands for him to stop. His team was going fast and ere he could stop the wheel came off throwing him out but he clung to the lines and soon stopped the horses. Mrs. Fairfield was thrown forward and the infant [Albert C. Fairfield] in her arms fell over the dash, struck on the heels of the near horses, breaking the force of its fall and the wagon passed over without touching. No serious injury was done to any but it was a close call for the child, for had it have fell anywhere except close to the inside of the near wheel the axle would surely killed it as the off end was dragging on the ground.

27 August 1880 - Note: The following is an extract which originally appeared in the Napa Register of 21 August 1880 ... DAVE FAIRFIELD'S CLAIM, Mr. Moran, foreman at the Brush Hill asserts will prove the second best mine on the Hill though but $800 has been taken out of it so far. It adjoins the Brush Hill on the ease and by tunneling it is almost sure to strike the rich ledge already developed in that mine. Uncle Billy McDonnell [David's brother-in-law, William McDonnell] will share Fairfield's fortune for good or ill in this claim and works like a beaver at the windlass, while Dave is correspondingly energetic delving in at the rock below...

8 April 1881 - Hayden Hill. The "Don't Care" mine, owned by Fairfield, McDonald [sic] and Ritchies [Alonzo Ritchie was boarding with David in 1880], have struck two very rich veins of ore.

6 May 1881 - Hayden Hill. Fairfield, McDonnell and Richie are taking out some ore that will run $5 to the pound; in fact all the mines ore in good shape and prospecting well. Hopkins, Nash & Co.'s mill is the only one that is running yet.

20 May 1881 - Hayden Hill. Hopkins, Nash & Company are now milling ore for Fairfield & Co. which is yielding well.

10 June 1881 - Hayden Hill. Hopkins, Nash & Company have finished milling for Fairfield & Co., and are now making a small run for Rogers & Stone, before commencing again on their own.

24 June 1881 - Hayden Hill. Fairfield & Ritchie are taking out ore that will yield $7 to the pound. "Juniper" no longer shead.

12 August 1881 - Hayden Hill. Hopkins, Nash & Company are making another small run for Fairfield & Co.

2 September 1881 - Fairfield and "Pard" made a handsome clean up out of their 40 ton run and ore working for another one of the same kind for spending money, for Pard says, "he's goin' among 'em" soon.

14 October 1881 - Hayden Hill. Those who have left the Hill seeking winter quarters in more genial climes, since my last notes are C.H. Nash and family, Fairfield and family, Pop Hopkins and wife, Fluent and family, Underwood and family, Hesser and family, Bryant and family, Jake Weider, A.P. Ritchie, Geo. McFarling, E. Whited and J. Whited, leaving about 50 effective men on the Hill, but that is enough to hold the fort, and that is about all is necessary.

5 January 1882 - Hayden Hill. D. Fairfield and "Pard" have returned to the Hill and are hard at work on their claim. The former has left his family in Napa City for the winter -- and "Pard" left his family there, too.

23 February 1882 - Hayden Hill. W.F. Harberts and wife, L.H. Hopkins and wife, David Fairfield and Miss McDonald [sic] will take their departure tomorrow morning on the tri-weekly sleigh of L.H. Hopkins, conductor.

27 July 1882 - Hayden Hill. The Brush Hill Company of Hayden Hill is now running their 5 stamp mill at full blast. The Company is at present crushing a quantity of ore from Fairfield & Co.'s mine.

14 September 1882 - Republican County Convention at Susanville. Delegates from Hayden Hill - D. Fairfield, J.S. Peck and A.T. Stanley.

10 May 1883 - Hayden Hill. Fairfield & Ritchey are taking out some excellent pay dirt in their claim, east of Hoes & Herbert.

Notes: David Fairfield was the son of Jason Williams and Hannah (Chandler) Fairfield.

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