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Miscellaneous Documents

Robert N. Tate Bible

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One frustration in research is finding conflicting information about events and people. Robert Tate's Bible record is a good example of a document that is wonderful to have but of uncertain reliability, partly because the variety of handwriting betrays multiple authors of different eras. Even the wedding date for his daughter, Ann (Tate) Fairfield, conflicts with her own marriage certificate. Sometimes we're fortunate enough to have multiple sources for data that allow us to deduce the logical result; other times, we can offer only an educated guess.

Robert N. Tate's diaries

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Diaries are are a very personalized source of information, though, as always, this source needs to be checked against other sources, when available, to determine accuracy. Robert N. Tate's diaries are exceptionally accurate and a wonderful glimpse into 19th-century life.

Emily (Fairfield) Duncan's Autobiography

Emily (Fairfield) Duncan (Gen. 9) wrote a very helpful overview of her life and heritage. The linked document here is an edited version that includes bracketed notations where Emily's diary conflicts with other records or sources of information.
Newspaper articles about David Fairfield (Gen. 8) in Hayden Hill mining community.
David Fairfield (Gen. 8) listings during his residency in S.F., CA
David Fairfield (Gen. 8) voted in 1858 election in Long Bar, CA

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The royal lineage of Sarah (Skipper) Fairfield (Gen.2) is documented in the Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists by David Faris, 2000 (o.p.). Several online databases also document the lineage. As always, verify sources through your own research.
The only black Fairfield? Ebo Fairfield, freed black slave
Titles by Fairfield descendants who were authors

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