ID: McKinstry memorial (Gen. 7: John-Walter-William-Elizabeth-Alexander-Ezekiel-Alexander)

Source: Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Mobile Co., Alabama. Photo copyright 2005 by Louise (Bruner) Smick. Used by permission.


To the memory Rodger McKinstry of Scotland, died 1680 aged 71, and his son John McKinstry of Ellington, Conn. died Jan. 20, 1754, aged 77 years, and his son Alexander McKinstry of Ellington, Conn. died Nov. 9, 1759, aged 32 years, and his son Ezekiel McKinstry of Ellington, Conn., died Nov. 25, 1803, aged 50 years, and his son Alexander McKinstry of Augusta, Ga. died Nov. 6, 1823, aged 39 years, and his wife Elizabeth Clark Thompson died Aug. 29, 1863, aged 58 years. Inscribed in 1874 by her son [Colonel] Alexander McKinstry of Mobile.

Notes: Colonel Alexander (Gen. 8) memorialized his McKinstry ancestry by listing his line of descent, ending with his parents. It is important to note that NONE of his ancestors is actually buried here.

photo of McKinstry memorial at Magnolia Cemeteryphoto of McKinstry monument carvingphoto of entrance to McKinstry plot at Magnolia Cemetery