ID: David Fairfield Jr. tombstone (Gen. 7: John-Walter-Wiliam-Skipper-William-David-David)

Source: Quasset Cemetery, Woodstock, CT. Photo copyright Connie Ganz 2004

Transcription: David Fairfield, son of David and Hannah Fairfield, died January 18, 1830.

Notes: David was the son of David and Hannah (Thurber) Fairfield. Contrary to what local historian Clarence Bowen wrote in The History of Woodstock: Genealogies of Woodstock Families, David Fairfield Jr. did NOT die in California. Bowen was probably confusing David Fairfield Jr. with David Fairfield (b. 1829), the son of Jason Williams Fairfield, who DID migrate to California. David Fairfield Jr. Bowen claims David was born in 1810, but I have not confirmed this date otherwise.

photo of David Fairfield Jr. tombstone