ID: Ernest DeWitt Burton

Source: Courtesy of University of Chicago Magazine. Used with permission.


Ernest DeWitt Burton, 1856-1925, Third president of the University of Chicago 1923-1925

Frances Mary Burton, 1863-1940 [wife]

Margaret Ernestine Burton, 1885-1969 [daughter]

photo of Ernest DeWitt Burton tombstone in chapel at University of Chicago

Notes: Ernest was the son of Nathaniel S. and Sarah (Fairfield) Burton. He was born February 4, 1856, in Granville, Ohio. The Fairfield and Burton families were very involved in education, evangelism, and abolition of slaves. After attending a variety of educational institutions, Ernest became a professor of New Testament theology at the University of Chicago in 1892. He served as the president of the university 1923-1925. He, his wife, and his daughter (and only child) are buried within the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel at the University of Chicago in Illinois.