ID: Hannah (Thurber) Fairfield (Gen. 6) tombstone

Inscription: Hannah Thurber, wife of David Fairfield. Died October 28, 1845, aged 66

ID: Prudence P. Fairfield (Gen. 7)

Inscription: Prudence P. Fairfield died March 8, 1839.

Source: Pomfret Street Cemetery, Pomfret, CT. Photo by Ted Fairfield. Copyright 1982. Used with permission.

Notes: Hannah's husband, David Fairfield, died in 1816. This accounts for the fact that David is buried near his father's homestead in Woodstock at Quasset Pond in the Quasset Cemetery, while Hannah is buried a few miles south in Pomfret. Hannah's son Jason and family lived at the Chandler homestead in Pomfret on the old Boston and Hartford turnpike (now called Ragged Hill?), about a mile east of town. Fairfield historian Frank Corbin wrote, "After Jason's marriage in 1825 he secured a house for his [widowed] mother and the younger children, on a cross road and less than a quarter mile cross lots from where he was living so he could look after them and help when necessary."

Prudence Fairfield, the daughter of David and Hannah (Thurber) Fairfield, died single at age 36 of unknown causes.

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photo of Hannah (Thurber) Fairfield tombstone