ID: Mary Loiza Fairfield (Gen. 8: John-Walter-Wiliam-Skipper-William-David-Jason-Helen) tombstone

Inscription: Mary Loiza, daughter of Jason & Hannah Fairfield. Died July 18, 1834.

Source: Quasset Cemetery in Woodstock, CT. Photo copyright 2004 Connie Ganz.

Notes: In 1770, Helen's great-grandfather, William Fairfield, purchased 128 acres near Quasset Pond, which this cemetery is near. Her grandfather, David, is also buried here. In The History of Woodstock: Genealogies of Woodstock Families (volume 5), local historian Clarence Bowen lists a birthdate of June 23, 1831, for Mary, and a death date of July 16, 1831, "age 3 weeks." However, looking at the tombstone inscription, the death date appears to be July 15, and either 1831 or 1834.

photo of Mary Loiza Fairfield tombstone