ID: McKinstry children (Gen. 9: John-Walter-William-Elizabeth-Alexander-Ezekiel-Alexander-Alexander-children)

Louise, Mary, Robert, Elizabeth, Alexander, Agnes, and Ben

Source: Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Mobile Co., Alabama. Photo copyright 2005 by Louise (Bruner) Smick. Used by permission.


Robert Dade [McKinstry] died December 11th, 1845, aged 2 weeks.

Mary Middleton [McKinstry] died January 20th, 1866, aged 19 years.

Elizabeth [McKinstry] died June 11th, 1852, aged 22 months.

Alexander [McKinstry] died August 12th, 1853, aged 13 months.

Louise Dade [McKinstry], wife of Keith Moffat, died April 4th, 1883.

Agnes Tankersley [McKinstry], died August 1st*, 1861, aged 17 months

Ben Fountain [McKinstry], died June 27th, 1862, aged 3 weeks

Notes: All of the above were children of Col. Alexander and Virginia (Dade) McKinstry (listed in birth order, above). McKinstry Bible records indicate the following birth data: Robert was born November 24, 1845; Mary was born January 14, 1847; Elizabeth was born September 29, 1850; Alexander was born July 8, 1852; Louise was born July 16, 1858. She and her husband both died young, leaving an orphaned son, Thomas Ingersoll Moffat, who was raised by Louise's sisters; Agnes was born circa February 1860 and died either August 1 (tombstone) or September 1 (McKinstry Bible). Benjamin was born June 6, 1862 (in Macon, MS, during the family's hiatus there in the Civil War). His twin, Virginia, survived.

McKinstry children's monument at Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile Alabamachildren of Alexander and Virginia McKinstry inscription