ID: Sarah (Geare) Fairfield Killam tombstone (Gen. 2: John-John)

Source: Farber Gravestone Collection, Used with permission. Images copyright © 2003 by the American Antiquarian Society. Images may not be reproduced or transmitted unless for personal use. For commercial use or republication, contact .

Transcription: Here lyes ye body of Sara ye wife of Daniel Killam, died Jan. 20, 1715, aged 79

photo of Sarah (Geare) Fairfield Killem tombstone from Wenham Cemetery, MA. Copyrighted photo used with permission.

Notes: Sarah's first marriage was to John Fairfield (1641-1672), son of the patriarch John Fairfield and his wife, Elizabeth, of Wenham, MA. After John's death, Sarah married Daniel Killam (aka Killem, Kilham) April 13, 1673. The photo of the tombstone was probably taken prior to 1800, according to the Farber Gravestone Collection data, erasing years of erosion that has since occurred and can be seen on the other link for Sarah's tombstone photo at Wenham Cemetery.