ID: Sarah (Skipper) Fairfield, wife of Walter Fairfield (Gen. 2: John-Walter)

Source: Wenham Cemetery file, Wenham Museum, MA. Original ms in W. Pool manuscripts, Enon Building.

Notes: Wellington Pool, undertaker of Wenham from Nov. 1876 to May 1, 1902, recorded the following information about the tombstone of Sarah (Skipper) Fairfield. "This shelled off from an old grave stone located on the top of the hill [of Wenham Cemetery] in the 'Old Yard' bearing the following inscription, viz: - In memory of Sarah Fairfield, wife to Walter Fairfield, decd. Decr ye 18th 1710 in ye 71st year of her age. The above is the earliest date of any stone still standing." Unfortunately, the fate of this headstone is unknown, but it is not anywhere to be found in 2004.

microfilm image of original note by Wellington Pool, undertaker