ID: Skipper Fairfield (Gen 4: John-Walter-William-Skipper) tombstone

Transcription: Skipper Fairfield

Source: Fairfield Burial Ground, Wenham, MA (footstone). Photo by Ted Fairfield. Copyright 1982. Used with Permission.

Notes: If this tombstone is Skipper, son of William, it's a surprising location for his burial, since he moved to Glocester, RI, in the mid-1700s, remaining there until his death, most likely. Since there's no known tombstone for Skipper in Glocester, it's plausible he was returned to his family's burial ground in Wenham, where he was born January 2, 1706/7. He died sometime after 1768, the year he deeded some of his land in Glocester to his son John Fairfield.

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photo of Skipper Fairfield footstone