ID: Alexander McKinstry tombstone (Gen. 10: John-Walter-William-Elizabeth-Alexander-Ezekiel-Alexander-Alexander-William-Alexander)

Source: Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile, Mobile Co., Alabama. Photo copyright 2005 by Louise (Bruner) Smick. Used by permission.

Transcription: Alexander McKinstry 1882-1914

Notes: Alexander "Zander" McKinstry was the eldest child of William D. and Evelyn (Sheldon) McKinstry. He was born February 24, 1882, in Mobile, Alabama. His parents died within weeks of each other in 1900, orphaning Alexander and his five younger siblings. In the 1900 census, Alexander, only 18 at the time, was the enumerator for Mobile. After his parents' death, the children were cared for by their father's sister, Jennie, and later Alexander himself. Succombing to cancer at age 33, Alexander died December 15, 1915 (contrary to the tombstone date of 1914, which was placed by the Woodsmen of the World). He was unmarried.

photo of Alexander McKinstry tombstone at Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama Woodsmen of the World insignia on Alexander McKinstry's tombstone at Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile Alabama