ID: Robert Nicholson Tate Bible Record


David Fairfield & Ann M. Tate, Married June 2nd [sic], 1864 / 1912? [later addition referring to year of Ann's death]

Charles Corbin Fairfield, born April 7th, 1865 / Died April 7th, 1865

Robert N. Tate Fairfield, born June 1st 1866 / Died March 11th, 1868

Mary Alice Fairfield, born December 14th, 1867 / Died ----

Martha Louise Fairfield, born September 10th, 1869 / Died May 16, 1871

Kate Lavina Fairfield, born January 1st, 1871 / Died July 4th, 1871

William Henry Fairfield, born July 3rd, 1872 / Died -- 1887

Emily Eleanor Fairfield, born November 27, 1875 / Died November 6/20, 1959 [later addition]

Albert Chandler Fairfield, born October 20, 1877 / Died November 14, 1934 [later addition]

Source: Courtesy of Ted Fairfield, custodian as of 2004.

Notes: Ann Tate, Robert's daughter, was married to David Fairfield. Robert Tate personally entered (substantiated by matching handwriting in his personal diaries) the family records in his Bible until his death in 1886. At that time the Bible passed to his daughter, Ann (Tate) Fairfield, then to her daughter Emily (Fairfield) Duncan, and then down to Emily's namesake daughter, Emily (Duncan) McConnell. In midlife, Emily (Duncan) McConnell was widowed and subsequently married her recently widowed first cousin, Corbin Francis Fairfield. The Bible remained with Corbin's family upon Emily's death, specifically with Corbin's son, Ted. NOTE: The Bible dates occasionally conflict with other known records.

photocopy of original Robert N. Tate Bible page