ID: Skipper Fairfield 1747 deed (Gen. 4: John-Walter-Deacon William)

Source: Volume 24, page 82, Sutton, Worcester Co., MA


Skipper Fairfield ... with Rosanna Fairfield my now married wife in token of her giving up her right of dower or power of third hat with me hereunto sett her hand and seal this thirtieth day of June AD 1747 in the twenty-first year of his majesty's reign over England.

photocopy of Skipper Fairfield 1747 deed

Notes: Though this deed does not provide Rosanna's maiden name, it serves as the only written proof I have of their marriage. By this deed Skipper and Rosanna sold their farm in Sutton (which he inherited from his father, William) to Mr. Simeon Hayward. The next year, in 1848, Skipper is recorded as the purchaser of land in Glocester, Providence Co., RI, where he and his family moved and stayed until his death.